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  About AWOT
About AWOT

  Registered in city of Guangzhou, Guangd???????g province, China, AWOT is a fully licensed NVOCC and internati???????al freight forwarder.
  We offer comprehensive logistics service soluti???????s to customers and their supply chain partners locally and globally.
  AWOT operates own offices in countries/areas including China, H???????g K???????g(China), Taiwan(China), USA, Canada, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam, India & Korea.

Missi??????? Statement

  Our goal is to quietly become a top leading logistics service company and a clear choice of business partner of our customers.

Our Strategy

  Our strategy is to grow with a mix of flexible investment approaches in different market places.
  The accreti??????? of our operati???????s in China has achieved tremendous success in network expansi???????, market share, revenue growth, name recogniti??????? and profitability since the incepti??????? of the company in 2008.
  AWOT has been to her 10th year, our offices in overseas, Tor???????to, St Louis, Singapore, Bangkok, Ho Chi Minh, Hanoi, starting to get a profit. With the establishment of Bangalore, Seoul offices, AWOT is making the way to further expand her value and competiveness globally, which drive us to improve our service to satisfy our customer profoundly .
  The added strength from qualified and selective agency partners around the world remains a c???????tinuing and positive approach.

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